Motion reference Units (MRU)

The Motion Reference Unit (MRU) product line was first released in 2004 when Inertial Labs MEMS-based sensor solutions began to compete in performance with traditional FOG units. Easy integration of the MRU product line for the end-user means competitive performance at no extra cost.

Factory configured to output parsed data using Inertial Labs message formats or Kongsberg/Seatex and Teledyne TSS* data formats give the user the ability to easily replace dated MRU’s with the Inertial Labs product line.

Inertial Labs developed the MRU to meet requirements for all marine and hydro-graphic applications. The MRU is a high-performance strap-down Motion Sensor that determines Pitch & Roll, Heave, Surge, Sway, Linear Accelerations, Angular Rates, Heading, Velocity, and Position for any device on which it is mounted to.

The Inertial Labs team of skilled engineers provides expertise to help users select and configure from the models available: MRU-B1, MRU-B1.1, MRU-B2, MRU-E, MRU-P and MRU-PD (with subsea models available). Our support team helps set up units for all application bases to satisfy both GNSS enabled, and GNSS-denied environments.

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